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TV commercials, radio commercials, band recordings, voice-over work, copywriting, jingles, soundtrack recording, web-based communications, (breath)…and everything in between can all be found under the category of ‘Things We Do’ here at SRC. We’re basically a one stop shop of marketing needs. And truth be told, we’re here to cover as much or as little ground of those needs as…well…as YOU need. If you have copy all set and prepared for take off, we’d gladly put on speakers what you have on paper. If you’re wanting a TV commercial shot that’s the product of hours and hours of slaving and tweaking to perfection and the only hand you want from us is the one on the camera, that’s what we’re here for. If you have NO idea what you want or how to market it, and you’re reading this…rest assured. (You’re getting warmer.) Plus, we do everything on a project by project basis for a reason: Everyone’s needs are different and create differing levels of our involvement. Ergo, you’ll never get an invoice with a ‘Seven Hills’ header for something we didn’t do for you.

OUR business is to gain YOU more business. Sound like a simple enough concept? We determine OUR success by YOUR success. Part of why we decided that Southern Indiana could stand to have an other media choice for marketing concepts is the fact that we watch TV. WE also listen to the radio and surf the web. We’ve seen and heard the way local businesses are captured on all forms of media…and frankly, we didn’t like the look or sound of it. We just felt we could do better. And again, if WE do better…

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