10/10ths Voiceover

BMW Racing…  Beautifully shot in 4k…  WE’RE IN!!!

This was the thought when we took on the narration for this project directed by Marco Solorio of One River Media, located just outside San Fransisco.  After checking out some of his work, we were floored by the quality of the productions he has put out and can’t wait to see the film!!!




12466042_1175243615837350_1476021157377373065_oMarco had a good idea of what he wanted and gave some fantastic direction.  We gave several options and ended up with a very low scruffy voice with a European flare.  Basically think Scar from The Lion King meets a BMW commercial.  We were very excited when we heard back that Justin would be the voice of the film!

We are so accustomed to doing accents for 30 seconds at a time that it was really a shock how difficult it is to hold on to an accent for 5 pages of narration.  That said, we focused and powered through and think we really nailed the perfect voice for this amazing looking film!

The film won’t be out for a while, but here are a couple pieces that will give a good idea of the look and feel of the film.  If you are interested in seeing the ilm when it comes out, go like the film’s Facebook page here.  We can’t wait to see (and hear) how everything fits together!!!



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