Lindsey James Williams

The production of Lindsey Williams full length album “Every Reason Happens For A Thing” was the first full length album produced at the (then) brand new facility.  The idea started when I was rehearsing for a one-off show with Lindsey.  I was in the process of building the studio at the time, so we were practicing at Brian Mullins’ home in his garage.  As we were converting Lindsey’s amazing solo acoustic show to a full band arrangement, we decided to add a cover of “Shimmer” by Fuel to the show.  Lindsey has a very original take on this song and it gave me goosebumps every time we played it.  I told Lindsey that as soon as I completed the studio, I wanted him to come over to record that song if for no other reason than I want to listen to it!

Fast forward to late-2011…  Construction on the studio had just been completed and I reached out to Lindsey to come in and help me break in the studio.  He came out to work with me and it resulted in this recording.

Our musical sensibilities really complimented each other and the results led Lindsey to consider recording a full length album at Seven Hills.  We began production in 2012 and brought in local drummers Matt McGuyer and Brian Mullins to help begin bringing a full band feel to the acoustic songs that Lindsey had written through the years.  Once we had drums laid down, local guitarist Clint Leek came in with a Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R and a nice assortment of Les Pauls, Telecasters and Strata to add a great sounding layer of guitars to most of the songs on the album.  Coming up with a complimentary sound to Clint’s fanstastic guitar sound led Lindsey down the expensive path of buying up amps and guitars to find great sounds.  Lindsey used Seven Hills 1972 Gibson Dove for all of the acoustic work on the album with the exception of “Shimmer” and “Back On Me”.

Vocals were all cut on the Seven Hills Peluso 2247LE which is a clone of the famed Neumann U47.  Lindsey’s voice sounds great through this mic!  The vocal quality can really be heard on the final track “Back On Me” which is an acoustic version of the song he wrote while in the band “WellHello”.  We tracked that song in 15 minutes and mixed it in 45 minutes which is WAY less than the other songs took considering the others were completely arranged in the studio.  “Back On Me” really benefits from the use of a Roland Space Echo on the acoustic to create a chaotic noise bed which forms the back wall of the mix.

Lastly, the album was mastered by Andy VanDette in NYC who does nearly all of the mastering work for Seven Hills.  Besides the fact that he’s mastered every Rush album, he has mastered several other albums that I love and he is a pleasure to work with and has a great ear for detail.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Lindsey Williams’ album “Every Reason Happens For A Thing”.  If you haven’t heard it yet, definitely give it a listen on Spotify or you can buy it anywhere online including iTunes here.

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