World Class Assassins

I’ve been friends with Matt Camp and Andy Mitchell of the World Class Assassins for years and am always excited when WCA is booked.  The parts are always well written and everybody is there to do it right without me having to go in and “fix things”.

12079201_908623152546134_6539990163200187361_nI’ve done several songs with them and we all have our favorites, but mine is Embrace.  We had a lot of fun making this track except for Andy.  He always seems like he’s ready to murder someone when he gets done with his drum tracks!  After drums, Gerard (who shares my love of the band Marianas Trench) lays down bass and I’ve always loved his tone.  He plays a Marcus Miller Fender bass and we run it direct and I grind it up from there.  Matt is solid on guitar and will typically either run a Les Paul through Bruce’s Mesa Boogie or through Seven Hills 5150.

11027926_804252806316503_5835754886831011587_nSpeaking of Bruce…  That is a dude that can flat PLAY!!!  He’s always got a flashlight at his side and is quite possibly one of the handiest guys to have around.  We typically just have Bruce play through the song once to add his decorative parts and then have him play the solo 15 times and pick the best one out of 15 awesome solos.

Check out all the music we’ve recorded together on their Facebook page.




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